MacOS Safari Web Extension Copy Link - Hover and Copy

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Like Chrome and Firefox of capture the information you need with ease! Introducing the MacOS native app Copy Link - Hover and Copy, an innovative Safari extension for Mac that redefines your browsing experience. Tired of the cumbersome process of copying hyperlinks from web pages? Copy Link is here to solve that problem.

Key Features:

One-Click Copy: Simply hover your mouse over any text with a hyperlink to display the full URL and a convenient “Copy Link” button beneath it. One click, and the link is copied to your clipboard.

Time-Saving: Eliminate the need for manually selecting the link text and right-clicking to copy. Copy Link makes acquiring links quick and straightforward.

Efficiency Boost: Ideal for researchers, students, professionals, or anyone who frequently needs to extract information from web pages.

User-Friendly Design: A clean and intuitive interface ensures ease of use for all users.

Perfect Compatibility: Specifically designed for Safari on Mac, ensuring smooth and stable performance.

Your Browsing, Our Focus:
At Copy Link, we are dedicated to providing efficient and straightforward web browsing tools. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we continuously optimize our product to meet your needs.

Download Copy Link now and start your journey to more efficient browsing!

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