Apple AppStore Rejection Guideline 4.0 - Design

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####Reason for Rejection (Mac App):

Guideline 4.0 - Design

We noticed an issue with your app’s user interface that contributes to a lower-quality user experience than App Store users expect.

Specifically, we found that when the user closes the main application window there is no menu item to re-open it.

####Analysis of the Reasons:

In a single-window Mac application, after the user clicks the red close ‘x’ button in the upper-left corner of the window, the program’s main window does close, but the program process doesn’t fully terminate. At this point, you can still see the window menu for the closed application in the upper-left corner of the screen. The issue lies here, as Apple requires that in such a situation, there must be a menu item in this window menu that allows for the application to be relaunched (the specific location within the menu isn’t rigidly specified, but it is typically placed under the ‘Window’ menu item for better alignment).


Solution 1: When the user clicks the red ‘x’ in the upper-left corner of the application, your application should fully terminate (since it completely exits, there won’t be an issue of reopening from the menu item; the user would need to click the desktop icon to reopen it).

func applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed(_ sender: NSApplication) -> Bool {
        return true
Solution 2: Add a menu item to the window menu that, when clicked by the user, reopens the application’s main window.

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