High concurrency in Web

   |   2 minute read
Have you ever wondered what kind of request volume or how many users a high-concurrency web application can support? An application that can only handle several hundred or several thousand PVs per day is not considered a high-concurrency system. However, there is no clear definition online as to what constitutes high concurrency. Note that the term concurrency here does not refer to concurrency in programming. For information on concurrency and

Concurrency programming and Parallel programming

   |   1 minute read
Reference to the explanation of concurrency and parallelism by the father of Erlang using a picture that even a 5-year-old can understand: It may be more helpful to understand them from their opposite sides: The antonym of concurrency is sequential: concurrency vs sequential The antonym of parallelism is serial: parallelism vs serial Other explanations of concurrency and parallelism are: Concurrency: refers to the nature of the code that logically can
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